Infographic: Twitter Statistics, Facts & Figures

Compiled by from Digital Buzz

12 May 2010

This is the latest social infographic out from website-monitoring and this time it’s on twitter, with the statistics rounded up during the month of April this year. Some of the latest stats show a 55% female skew and primarily 18-34 age distribution at about 45% of all tweeps!

Some of the more interesting stats show that 41% of people haven’t tweeted since signing up, while 75% of tweets come from 3rd party applications or mobiles. 10pm – 11pm is the most popular time to tweet and there are 640 tweets per second.

2010 Twitter Statistics Facts Figures Large


Infographic: Facebook vs Twitter Demographics

By Digital Surgeons from Digital Buzz

21 December 2010

What a year it’s been in the land of social, and in particular, Facebook & Twitter. I won’t bore you with the 1000 statistics every one of you already knows about the growth of Facebook and Twitter this year, but I will show you this nice little infographic from Digital Surgeons, showcasing the breakdown of the 2010 social demographics on Facebook and Twitter, ready for a huge 2011.

At first glance there isn’t a lot in this, but I think it’s interesting t note that 67% of people on Twitter follow a brand (that they will purchase) in comparison to only 51% on Facebook, yet on Facebook 40% of all people follow a brand in comparison to Twitter’s 25%.